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Violet Bell weaves original Americana from folk, soul, and bluegrass music. Based out of Chapel Hill NC, Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez draw inspiration from the natural world, ancient mythology and the Piedmont’s green hills. The duo honed their strong onstage chemistry playing hundreds of shows from Montreal to Miami since forming in 2016.

Ross & Ruiz-Lopez share a love of rock and R&B that finds its way into their traditionally rooted music. “She’s a songwriter, I’m a composer and multi-instrumentalist, and our ability to blend genres works well for us,” Ruiz-Lopez says. “The world of songwriting offers more freedom than purely instrumental, ‘classical music.’ Combining those singer-songwriter qualities with orchestral technique allows us to create unique textures around our message.”

Violet Bell’s momentum radiates from recording their debut full-length album, Honey in My Heart, set for 2019 release. The album was produce by Violet Bell and Jason Richmond (Avett Brothers, Steep Canyon Rangers, Nneena Freelon, Dom Flemons, Bombadil, Shana Tucker). The songs were recorded largely live in single takes, free of vocal tuning, isolation and click tracks. Full of personality, Honey in My Heart feels consistent with the duo’s true selves as opposed to hidden behind studio wizardry.

Violet Bell was an official showcasing artist at Americanafest 2018, and has played venues such as WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour, Rooster Walk Festival, Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival, Ocrafolk Festival, the Charleston Bluegrass Festival, the Festival for the Eno, the Beaufort Music Festival, Campfire Festival, the Haw River Ballroom, and many more. Violet Bell has worked with KidzNotes, the Wake Forest Community Youth Orchestra, and others to engage local communities of all ages in educational and inspiring performances and workshops.

Violet Bell was born in 2016, when singer-songwriter Ross recruited Ruiz-Lopez as a multi-instrumentalist for a live album recording show… two weeks before the show. Ruiz-Lopez slayed the performance and brought out a new dimension of beauty in the music. The duo released their debut EP Dream the Wheel in 2017 and have been playing ever since.

Atmospheric, captivating vocals… Durham duo Violet Bell puts an avant-garde twist on traditional roots music.
— - IndyWeekly



Violet Bell have toured extensively throughout the country, earning fans with their fiery live performances, thanks in large part to the chemistry between Ross and Ruiz-Lopez.
— The Boot
I cannot recall the last time I heard music so beautifully crafted and presented. From Irish jigs and reels to gypsy soul-trance syncopations, every note felt like a gift of love to us from them. Do yourself a favor - go see them live!
— Presenter John Downing
Folk, country and bluegrass with elements of classical, jazz, blues, and psychedelic flair. The first thing that struck me was the talent that is spilling over the sides… All the elements come together perfectly to form something that burns brightly.
— Twangri-La


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